Do I Know You?

What do Starbucks, hermit crabs, and pod people have in common? They all cozy up inside the shells of their former inhabitants, while maintaining the same outward appearance. Such is the case with the Hollywood Econolodge.

For those of you not as steeped in the minutiae of motel architechtura as your Humble Narrator, the sign is a dead giveaway that this was once a TraveLodge. See for yourself:

Think of this the next time you're on the road and see a motel sign that looks vaguely familiar, but don't know why. Or think of something else. It's your brain.

Incidentally, my family's TraveLodge in Alamogordo was changed to the "All-American Inn" after my mother bought it from the company, then when she sold it, the new owners turned it into an "Economy Inn." Econolodge -- Economy Inn... a clear pattern is emerging for the inhabitants of former TraveLodges, and unless I'm badly mistaken, it all points to someone named Bob Econo.


lloydhorst said...

At the Santa Monica promenade exit off the 10 freeway there is a dentist's office that obviously used to be an IHOP. Always makes me giggle...

Motel Me More said...

I know the dentist's office of which you speak. I hope the irony of being in a building that once doled out syrupy goodness is not lost on them.