Tiki Time Is All The Time

When the weather gets hot, I long for a trip to the Desert Cities, for here can be found pools and A/C and rum-based drinks and lazing about in a drying swimsuit and robe. I am reminded of our visit to the Caliente Tropics motel in Palm Springs, a terrific exercise in 60's Polynesia that has been nicely updated. Plus it is so pet-friendly, there were free dog biscuits on arrival. Now if only they had in-room rum...

flickr photo by JennRation Design

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tahnee said...


I've stayed there! all my life I heard about palm springs and I would think, "what's the big deal?" Tucson's a desert too. I don't golf, I don't worship Dinah Shore (more or less than the next person), I'm not Bob Hope, but finally, in my adulthood I was intrigued and booked a stay based soley on the dog friendly-ness and LOVED it. I had no idea it was going to be tiki-riffic. Your friend,t.a.h.n.e.e.